OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters will consider fee-free submissions of screen plays as Feature Film script, Concept Video, or Series Pilot script. O:JA&L will nominate a qualified screen play for the BLUECAT awards in each category. 

Submitters should include a cover letter. This cover letter should contain a HEADER for the script, a LOGLINE of up to 30 words, and a SYNOPSIS of the work (without spoilers) of up to 150 words. The cover letter should also supply a third-person professional biography of the submitter in 100 words, more or less, and a link to the submitter's IMDb page, if available. 


O:JA&L has adopted the conventions of screenplay formatting as published by Submissions which do not adhere to these formatting requirements will be declined.


·      Movie screenplay: 85-160 pages

·      Movie concept video: 2-15 minutes

·      Drama series pilot script: 50-70 pages

File Types


  • PDF: easy to format and easy for others to read and review


  • MP4 (preferred)
  • FLV


English only.

Public Domain

No adaptations of works in the public domain. This applies to music, photos or other images. Even though the work is public domain in the US, it is not necessarily free of rights complications.

Expedited Evaluation

Expedited evaluation of your submission is now available in this category

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.